November Rain Susano (Skin Concept)

I was brainstorming while looking at some pictures the other night, and I think I've come up with a really cool skin concept for Susano, on a similar rocker theme that we have Thor, Jing Wei, Apollo, Morrigan & Raijin.

I don't have any art, but I'll try to make it as clear as possible through words.

The skin would be called November Rain Susano. His model wouldn't change much, other than wearing jeans and a black leather jacket with no shirt. His hat would change to a top hat, and he would have long, curly hair. He may or may not wear glasses. His sword may or may not be a guitar depending on how silly that would look. If anyone has trouble picturing it or didn't get the reference, this is what I'm going for. Tattoos on his chest would be cool, but it may look too similar to Swashbuckler.

As for the effects, the a fiery theme would musical notes and sparks would be a nice contrast to the stormy, watery theme.

The 1 Katas would have fiery effects with musical notes. The 2 would be a fiery pull with sparks. The 3 would be sparks + musical notes. The 4 could be just a fiery tornado. Guitar sounds could be the sound fx for the skin.

Added bonus: Special emote could be him playing the guitar

VVGH could be: "Welcome to the Jungle!"

VEA could be: "I wanna hear you scream!"

VVGT: "All you need is a little patience."

VER could be: "Oooh sweet child!"

When killing an objective: "Where do we go? Where do we go now?"

When low health: "I'm… knockin' on… heaven's door!"

Direct taunts:

"Apollo? The best singer in the world? He isn't even the best singer in our band." (Apollo)

"I'm at the stairway to heaven, but you're going on the highway to hell, bro." (Thor)

"What is this? A guitar for ants!?" (Jing Wei)

"A dubstep robot? That's it, I'm out." (Janus DJ)

That's about it. If something comes to mind, I'll add to the post.

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