Not keeping our items is probably for the better

So I'm not the hacker known as 4chan. Nor am I a pr0grammer. But from what I do know about making games it is probably a good thing that we keep our items.

For sorters. Rumors have insisted that D2 is a totally different game. Honestly I'm pretty sure we will be seeing an entirely new engine for the game. That being said the destiny sequel won't be like a call of duty sequel, the game will be very different and will only we superficially similar to destiny. Note that by "superficially" I mean that the game will probably mimic lots of mechanics and themes of D1 but it won't actually be using any assets from the original destiny.

This being said. Chances are that using a new engine and a totally new game will make it hard to import anything from the original game. Chances are that importing every single weapon would be too difficult to pull off without severely impact the development cycle of the game. In fact, several weapons from D1 may be rendered totally unbalanced or underpowered by changes to combat and new mechanics without being totally overhauled.

Now. You may say that they should have kept carrying players over in mind when they started making the game. The issue with this is that it potentially hinders that development of new content. If they used the same engine then we might miss out on lots of exciting features. If they tried to replicate the weapons in the new game (which I don't doubt will happen to some weapons) then they could potentially hinder the development of new features by making them conform to the balancing of the old game.

Of course some will say that they are fine with old weapons being significantly overhauled for the new game. Yet this may take time away from developing new weapons while also causing the spirit and feelings of old weapons to be lost.

Also, to be honest. I was never greatly impressed with the power of exotics in D1. Yes it was always nice to see a god roll on a weapon but I never truly felt like the weapon perks significantly impacted the game experience. So getting rid of old legendaries could possibly mean that we can see new and more powerful perks and abilities.

And yes, it is unfortunate that our silver will go to waste. But again, refer to the first paragraph.

Overall, I think that it is worth loosing our items if it means an overall better game. And even though I only talked weapons here, this same argument can be applied to almost any item in destiny.

Anyways, I want to hear what everyone here thinks about this. Thanks!

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