Noclip and jump exploits NEED to be fixed before anything else

I have 72 hours in Conan Exiles and I have decided to take a break until these two exploits are fixed. I am confident these exploits will be fixed with time, but I hope their priority level is very high or higher as a result of this thread and other user feedback. But just in case it would help, here is my feedback on what exploits need to be fixed asap:

  • Noclipping into a base. This can be achieved by 1) Using log in and log out and attempting to enter a base before it renders, 2) Abusing high client graphic settings (not sure if this helps, but it might) and server lag to enter a base before it can render, simply by sprinting starting outside render range

  • Jump exploits I don't know how this is achieved but I read there are several ways already to jump onto any base of any height, meaning all bases no matter how tall they are can be jumped on. There are also several videos and methods (the 3 I know are jumping on another person, using a pike and striking the ground, and dodging against a wall, not sure how current all of these are – I never tried)

The combination of these two make it impossible to make a good base anywhere in Conan Exiles. Consider these scenarios and how it progress in the mind of a player:

A player will want to build a good T2 or T3 base somewhere and what better than flat ground? Unfortunately, It is super easy to use the noclip exploit to enter the base.

So what do players do? They decide the only option is to create a base on a rock and destroy the stairs, that way you can't use the noclip exploit. This is where the jump exploit comes in. They will use this exploit to jump onto your base, then noclip in by simply relogging.

No base is safe. I always go offline and come back the next day or even in just a few hours and find everything gone but all doors, walls, roofs are intact. This is a serious problem, to wake up with all of your hard work completely gone and left with a shell of a base.

TLDR: Any player solo or not has the power to raid you with no resources but a steel sword with noclip exploits or jump exploits or a combination of the two. These exploits need to be fixed right away.

Please Funcom fix these two exploits asap.

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