(No spoilers) This game is sometimes frustrating as hell, list of grievences

Seriously, there's so many bad design decisions that really break the immersion and make me rage and it's a shame because there's a good game here, but i don't understand why they didn't smoothen the experience.

Here's a list of stupid things that frustrated me the most

  1. Hard mode – If you do not have the best HP chips, everything one shots you, yes this is not very hard, it's on hard, every boss, every big mob , every laser aoe one shots you hard

  2. Reset points, i don't mind dying in dark souls to a boss and repeating a thousand times, what i do mind is dying here because guess what? I gotta repeat the same cutscene skip it repeat another cutscene skip it which all in all take 7 minutes of skipping

  3. the souls-like soul point retrieval system where you retrieve your body is dumb and makes the game so much harder on hard, especially when your body is near a boss that is already pummelling you in the face, collecting your souls takes 2 seconds ot channelling in which you are exposed to the enemy. Guess how many times i've died while collecting it only to lose everything? Plenty.

  4. It's much more lonelier and less story than the original nier, it has better combat but the original nier had such a better cast of characters and made me care about their plots and everyone, this time around the cast rarely talks or interacts or anything.

  5. Healing items – There's multiple sequences where you are blocked from the world and if you don't have any healing items guess what? You're shit out of luck, i was forced to change it to easy because i ran out of healing items and the game forced me to fight a really tough boss even though there was no way i could fight him without anything.This is not between breaks, this boss is after another boss before him, and another before with no breaks, no way to get more healing items.

  6. Combat has been extremely dissapointing, it's way too simple, if this is the same team as the MGR team then honestly they should have made it more complex, as it stands now it's infinite dodge->slash slash kill GG

  7. Controls, using the pod+R2ing+square triangle combos is really wierd on the hands, it shouldn't be this hard to do these things but it is.

I just honestly wanted to rant about the things i'm finding frustrating, it's really starting to wear down on me, this game does a lot of things well but a lot of things not so well, and they are super SUPER frustrating.

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