(No spoilers) Can we talk about the difficulty levels please?

This is a thread not only for current people playing it but also a sort of warning for players who will be playing it on the 7th or 10th of march.

If you are familiar with platinum games, their difficulty scaling is as crappy as it always has been, medium is too much of a cakewalk and hard is just too hard, so let's get into my main issue:

They have 4 difficulties and i'll add my own explanations for each:

  1. Easy mode: For story players only, you have automatic chips that fire the pod for you, that evade for you, and the enemy HP is incredibly low

  2. Normal mode: You have to evade/fight by yourself, but you do way too much damage to bosses and enemies and you take nothing, this is not challenging at all

  3. Hard mode: Unless you have the best MAX HP chips installed, you will get one shot by every single boss attack, you will get 2 shot by ever small mob attack

  4. Very hard mode: You will get one shot by everything.

Easy and very hard are both extremely fair and logical, but medium and hard are absolute bullshit. Medium is mindbogglingly easy, if you have 3-4 good chips you faceroll the entire game while hard, if you don't have the best chips, which you can lose easily if you die you drop your body with chips somewhere, die again, even while collecting them and you lose them forever.

This is a classic example of unfair difficulty and it's bullshit If very hard is an absolute one shot, why am i getting one shot in hard then?

Couldn't they have made one more difficulty for players who want a challenge but don't want to die in 1-2 shots?

I'm really upset about this, and it's really hampering on my enjoyment of the game.

So let's talk about this, if you don't like these types of post downvote away and go back to your echo chamber of hype for this game, but if you want to actually have a discussion about a system that needs work on, stick around.

And just to set the record straight, i've beaten every souls game solo multiple times, i know what it means to get gud, for gods sake i beat ludwig at blood level 70 on NG, but this game isn't fair in it's hardness, it's just cheap.

TL;DR Medium is too easy, hard is one shotting even though very hard is supposed to be like that, why couldn't they have made a better challenging difficulty.

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