Nioh Stream Announcement and general nice guy questions thread.

Stream Announcement Video Here (Contains profanity by the way)

Greetings fellow redditors and Nioh players. Today I'm gonna start streaming a lot of Nioh on weekends. I'm looking forward to those harder missions later this month and that dank PvP and DLC action later down the road as I'm sure the rest of you are. Now I tried to put alot of effort into the announcement video so it wouldn't be an all out shitpost, so if you aren't interested feel free to tell me how cancerous I am and laugh at how god awful my video editing is.

That out of the way though I'm gonna be playing with a couple of real souls veterans and generally intelligent individuals. And between the three of us we know quite a bit about Nioh, in fact I plan on maybe helping improve the Nioh Wiki with them on the stream sometime soon. But while we're running through Nioh on way of the strong once again for funsies, I wanted to encourage the reddit community to come on and ask any questions you may need a quick answer to. Or if you need any help finishing a level, there's likely to always be three of us and only two of us can be in a game of Nioh at once, leaving one faithful samurai always available to help anyone out. Between us we've also all tried pretty much every build in the game, so before you waste a Book of Reincarnation or 7 bajillion money reforging we can give you a pretty good idea if a build is viable or not.

And if you just downright hate streams or just don't like hearing me talk and somehow still value my opinion for some question then you can post here and I'll do my best to answer. Also as part of the stream pretty much anything you say on here will be said by me on the stream. No matter what it is. Have fun with that.

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