Nioh Strategy Guide (Coming in April)

Not sure if this type of post is allowed or if this is common knowledge by now but I just noticed on Amazon that Future Press is releasing a strategy guide for Nioh!

If you have got your hands on any of the Future Press guides on Bloodborne or Dark Souls then you'll know first hand that Future put a lot of effort and quality into these guides. Just thought I'd make a post about this since I was under the impression Nioh wasn't going to get a guide. It would also be interesting to see how much detail they could put it in this guide, considering the amount of different mechanics and details in the game.

Here's the description that comes with it:

Team Ninja's Nioh is the very definition of an epic-scale game in need of an encyclopedic tome, and we're not going to let it go without. The Future Press Collector's Edition Guide contains the sum of countless hours, innumerable deaths and monumental victories to bring you everything you'll ever want to know about Nioh's incredibly deep and expansive world. From its myriad combat options and strategies, to its wonderful fusion of Japanese culture, history and mythology, we'll share every little nuance. Nothing is omitted or overlooked – we explore the game's creation, from concept art stage to release, delve into its story and illuminate its darkest areas with highly detailed maps. Covering not only the base game but all three of the upcoming story DLCs and PVP additions, this book will arm you with the knowledge to send samurai, Yokai and other online players back to the world of spirits.

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