Nioh Revenant Items Drop Thread!

I’m going to try and make this the be-all post for anyone looking for any of the rare items including boss masks, as well as Japan DLC and other DLC from preordering/deluxe edition. I’ll be compiling a list, first listing each desired item I see, and anyone can make a comment saying that they’ll die in this spot, with so and so items. I’ll be watching the comments to see, so hear are the items me, and a large part of the community, are looking for, so if you are planning on dying to hand these out, please say so, as well as if it’s Divine, and NG+.

Developer Placed AI Revenants (Unique Helmets)

  • Running Water Kabuto- The Trail of the Master Sub Mission
  • Water Buffalo Horn Kabuto- Memories of Death Lilies Main Mission
  • Shuri-no-suke’s Kabuto-
  • Golden Shachi Zudate Kabuto-
  • Koreto-hyuga’s Kabuto-
  • Khakkara Ushirodate Kabuto- The Ogress Sub Mission
  • Rabbit Ear Wakidachi Kabuto- Sekigahara Main Mission
  • Rabbit Ear Kabuto- The Samurai from Sawayama Main Mission
  • Butterfly Kabuto- The Conspirators Sub Mission
  • Wakan Kabuto- The Bridge of Bone Sub Mission

Blanks for these items means I don’t know where these items are, I just saw a thread with these, so I must give credit of course, but that image just said unknown, so if anyone knows where they are, just tell me the mission name and whether it’s sub or main. Original Thread Image.

Masks/ JP DLC

  • Onryoki Kabuto-
  • Nue Mask-
  • Hino-Enma Kabuto-
  • Ogress Mask-
  • Dragon Kabuto-
  • Tanuki Kabuto-
  • Fox Kabuto-
  • Pre-Order/ Deluxe Edition Armor-
  • Nioh Armor (Full Set)-
  • Sanada Crimson (Full Set)-

Deluxe Edition Weapons-

  • Axe-
  • Kusarigama-
  • Tachi-
  • Dual Swords-
  • Spear-

A Rating Weapons (Stat that’s A will be listed)-

  • Axe-
  • Kusarigama-
  • Sword-
  • Dual Sword-
  • Spear-


  • Omnyo Mage Set-

JUST FOR CLARIFICATION- I’m asking for people to tell me in the thread where and what items they’ll kill themselves for others to get, so if you are going to die for an hour in, say, the ogress mission, with the Dragon Kabuto as a Divine, say so in the comments, and I’ll put it on the list, I hope my description isn’t too confusing.

Edit: If anyone has any requests for armor, weapons, or items they’d like to see in here, just give a request in the comments, I’ll be watching, hopefully me or either someone else will reply saying they’ll help you out.

Edit: By the way, each item with a blank space has had no one say they’ll drop it in this thread, and once someone does, I’m going to leave each spot up indefinitely, as I’m guessing people will migrate to those spots at some point. If you do end up getting an item from this thread, please die around 5-10 times near the same spot to open opportunities for others to get it as well.

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