Nioh has no replay value? What do you think?

Now, before you pick up your stones, readying them to throw them at me, I would like to say that I really enjoyed Nioh and I am grateful for its success since it showed that not only Dark Souls can survive in this genre. So if I seem too bitter in the text below, be aware I like the game.

Has Nioh replay value? That is a question I am asking myself recently. I beated the game a couple of weeks ago and platinumed it last weekend. Now I am sitting here, with no desire to replay Nioh at all, which is funny because I played the Dark Souls series well over 2000 hours in total and still play Dark Souls 3 to this day (mostly preparations for the next dlc). I can't point my finger on what it seems to be lacking that Dark Souls has. If it's the battle system or the lack of weapons (you basically have only 6 weapon types that play exactly the same in their catoegories) or the lack of build vareity or if it's all of them together, I don't know. Now I bought Nioh with the Season Pass and I know that more Content will come out later, but for now I don't see the point. I noticed that Nioh dropped really hard on the Twitch ranking list (and yeah Twitch matters) after like 2 weeks of its release and even more after the release of For Honor and I talked with my friends about that and they seem to have the same kind of feeling. What is your opinion on this? Has Nioh no replay value whats so ever? Are you satisfied with the game or did you hope for a little bit more? Is it fine as it is or what should be improved for the sequel? It would be really interesting to know what other people think 🙂

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