Nioh… am I playing this right?

I bought Nioh two or three weeks ago and I am having a lot of fun with it, great game and all, but I am slowly getting the impression that I do not play the game like it is supposed to be. I am on level fourtysomething now and almost ready to leave the first region, there are just one or two side-missions to finish and I feel seriously overskilled. Not intended… I finished Isle of Demons, than I finished the side missions before I went on with Deep in the shadows, sunbroed a littlebit, did Deep in the shadows and so on… leveled up every now and than and found the game to become easier and easier.

I run through the level with my axe on high stance only, most of the times beating the enemies with heavy attack – ki-pulse out – repeat. I rarely parry… I mean I am not sure if I ever parryed in fact. If I hit R1 (or is t R2? not sure), the char goes into defense position and takes only ki-damage. Is that really parrying? However, I almost never do so… I take the damage, take an elixir if necessary and thats it. Elixir is also more or less the only item I use… on rare occasions an antidote if necessary, but my iventory is full of items I have no clue for what to use because the items description does not tell me. Holy water? No clue… drank one in the very beginning of the game, did not see any effect, forgot about it. Summoners candle? No idea what to summon. Yokai Water Pot? It just creates some yokai pollution… why should I want to do so? I have lots and lots of skillpoints left because if have no idea for what I would need magic or ninjitsu… my inventory is full of amulets, talismans and other buff stuff I never use.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I have fun while playing the game. But on the other hand I cannot fight the impression that I am missing something due to my playstyle. I soloed all soulsborne games and they never felt as easy to me as Nioh did (after getting used to the controller-layout). Quite the contrary, I was never a good soulsborne player. TNK for example took me two days just finishing the first stage. Twin princes… the only boss I need to finish with a bow because I just did not recognise Lorians pattern. But Nioh now just feels… not exactly easy but worlds apart from what I went through just to get to Amelia. Is it supposed to be like this? Any adwise except "stop levelling"?

Sorry for any wording, grammar or spelling mistakes… english is not my first language.

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