NieR: Automata PC Issues Mega-Thread

Please post all issues or concerns with the PC port here.

Known Issues:

-Game upscales certain resolutions(1440p+?) from a lower resolution in full screen mode.

-Full screen AA has issues with certain AMD cards (screenshot from AMD r9 290 and FX8230e)

-Intermittent Mouse Cursor: mouse flashes in and out randomly during game play.

-Reports of Stutters and Slowdowns on varying cards.

-Reports of inordinate GPU usage. (90%+ on GTX 1070. Max Load on Rx480 (Purely anecdotal))

-Game Soft Locks at “Loading – booting systems,” during startup.

-Game Hard Locks on White Screen at startup.

-Game download hangs at 99%, never finishes, and the game file is empty.

-Mouse Control in Top-Down Twin Stick segments seems to move only at 45 degree intervals.

-A frame graph from NieR:Automata courtesy ::980ti, latest drivers etc. This is happening regardless of settings, both on lowest and highest. During ‘free camera 3d mode’,

-Reports of cutscene slowdowns.(Down to low teens.)

-Poor Perfomance on Nvidia 900 series cards(Three sources only, grain of salt required.)

“Fixes” Use at your own risk/detriment.

Playing in Windowed mode reportedly eliminates any upscaling that could occur.

Borderless Window Fix, White Screen Crash Fix.

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