NieR: Automata PC Issues Mega-Thread

Please post all issues or concerns with the PC port here.

This is not the place for spoilers, I cant believe I even have to say that.

AMD just released drivers on March 21st, 17.3.3. No apparent fixes or improvements for NieR that can be seen.

Nvidia just released Driver 378.92 on March 20th, this driver makes no mention of NieR:Automata and contains no mention of it anywhere in the release notes. It is safe to assume that this Driver will have no real positive effect on the gameplay but if those who are brave enough try it please let me know how it performs.

However some of the fine folk on steam claim to be even finer folk from Nvidia. They requested we fill out a survey in order to provide them with more info. I cannot confirm the validity of their claims without further searching but the Survey seems legit so I will throw it up here anyway.

980ti, latest drivers etc. This is happening regardless of settings, both on lowest and highest. During 'free camera 3d mode',

-Reports of cutscene slowdowns.(Down to low teens.) *Fix by /u/SolidKeevo :

Have no form of Vsync whatsoever (ingame, Nvidia control panel). This will likely cause tearing for people playing above 60Hz (I'm on 144 Hz). Instead use "Maximum pre-rendered frames = 4" in the Nvidia control panel. This has improved my cutscenes and gotten rid of minor stuttering I was experiencing during gameplay. My specs: GTX 970, i5 3790k, 8GB Ram, 1080p 144Hz monitor.

-Poor Perfomance on Nvidia 900 series cards.

-700 series cards especially 780 and 780ti suffer from frequent "white screens". Where the game freezes but the sound can still be heard running properly in the backround.

Lowering AA and AF may reduce or even eliminate crashes in some instances.

Rolling back Drivers with DDU have provided mixed results for varying cards for both AMD and Nvidia.

-Some Reports of varying XInput and DirectInput failures. Ranging from a problem with a button or two to the controller not even being detected.

I am reorganizing all fixes into a single spot in addition to where they currently are under their corresponding issues.

All known Fixes:

Disable any Overlay; Shadowplay, Steam Community in game etc.

Playing in Windowed mode eliminates any chance of upscaling.

Have no form of Vsync whatsoever Turn off AO and AF.(More of a frame bump really, but many say changing these affect stability significantly.)

FAR (Fix Automata Resolution) – v 0.0.1 – 3/19/17 Helps stuttering.

Borderless Window Fix, White Screen Crash Fix.*

Using a 3rd party program to lock framerate may improve the frame-time and thus improve stuttering.

Playing in Windowed mode reportedly eliminates any upscaling that could occur.

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