[News?] ‘Opponent left the match’ has left the game!(?)

Has anyone seen "Opponent left the match" or "Opponent joined the match" since the maintenance break several days ago? After a question submitted on the current podcast Q&A page brought the issue to my attention, I realized that I don't recall seeing it at all recently. In fact, in some games where it seems my opponent has rage quit, there is no message so I had just assumed they were waiting patiently to be three crowned, but that has happened far too often to be believable, as people normally quit out most of the time rather than wait.

So I did a test. Having two accounts and two devices is invaluable sometimes. This is one of those times. Setting up a friendly battle and continually closing and reopening the app on the devices results in no messages about leaving and rejoining the match. Obviously I can't test this method on the ladder or challenges easily, so wondered if anyone at all has seen those messages recently. If no one has then we can be confident that they are indeed gone.

It appears that the dev team has secretly taken the messages out. That seems strange because now instead of knowing your opponent has quit out, you waste time by playing a bit cautiously until the end is inevitable thinking they'll counter with full elixir. There wasn't something about this hidden in the patch notes I missed, was there?

If this change is true not just for friendly battles but also for ladder, tournaments, and challenges, I wonder whether this was an intended change, and if so why, or a bug?

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