Newplayers Tips

If you find the game too hard. Nioh has a hidden easy mode.

-Pick a spear as main weapon you can kite any enemies with Mid stance: Triangle

-Learn skill: "Spear fall" Square + Triangle can dominate any humanoid enemies and break yokai horn

-Onmyo spell: "Lifeseal" to block ki recovery useful for human bosses "Sloth" make any enemies and bosses your bitch

-Guardian Spirit: Suzaku basically a free extra life but dont forget to chuck a few elixir before you get out of the living weapon state

-Never use spirit/soul stones for level up you can use it to restore/maintain the living weapon guage (4 small spirit stones will refill the guage completely)

-you need at least 25 in SPIRIT to be able to use every guardian effectively (higher than these improve the duration of the living weapon)

-dont really care much about the early game equipments, you will get a better gears in a few missions

-remember you have a choice to run away from most enemies encounters

-if you want to fight then fight them ONE BY ONE, fighting multiple enemies will mostly result in your death

-DO NOT RUSH during the boss fight you may be greedy to get that one extra last hit in to finish the boss that last hit will mostly result in your death

-equip at least one equipment with "Enemy sense", it helps A LOT

-equip gears with low weight (blue weight%) for better evasion if you have difficulty evading some bosses attacks


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