Newbie, need help!

Hey guys. I'm not far into the game (just got to the second region) and I have some questions I hope someone can answer.

I'm using a kusarigama as essentially my only weapon (I like the look and feel of it) and have been leveling my dex, magic, and spirit almost exclusively with a bit of skill thrown in (to 10). At level 52 atm, with:

Skill 10 Dexterity 24 Magic 20 Spirit 20

So far the best armour I have found is the onmyo mage set that I got from the onmyo dojo mission (since it scales defense with magic?) It's level 25 and I feel I need to replace it. I tried running the dojo mission again and got a level 6 set. Why is this? How is my current set 25? Where else can I get light armour that scales with either magic, dex or spirit, or can I do something with my current set to make it relevant again?

As for weapons, I've just been using whatever weapon is the highest level/attack rating. Should I be looking out for anything else?

I'm sure more questions will come up as I play through this awesome game but for the moment I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with the gear system.

Really appreciate the help!

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