New Special Ammo Economy : a critic using numbers.

Dear Community, I am an average PvP player.

i noticed that, according to the map and the game mode, my K/D was fluctuating more significantly after the patch rather than before. In fairness, the effect was overall positive but i significantly dislike the new SPECO forcing the weapons to choose.

I asked therefore some friends to support me in collecting data. 15 of us measured our times and this result came out.

scope and research investigation : 1) upon death, the guardian immediately look for a special ammo crate, each time; 2) Trials are NOT subject of investigations; 3) the guardian effectively engages the game;

we measured the "time for readiness to fight again after a death in crucible", hereinafter called TR.

TR = – TIME TO FIND A CRATE (T1); – TIME TO GET AMMO at the crate and reload (T2); – TIME TO REACH THE FIGHT SCENE (T3);

so, TR=T1+T2+T3.

development: 1) T1 (time to find a crate): the average time measured is 14 seconds. In certain maps, it is much lower, in others much higher. a complexity factor is given by the game type (Rift is the easiest and have the shortest T1; Control the longest);

2) T2 (get ammo and reload): 3 seconds on average;

3) T3 (time to reach the fight scene): 6 seconds on average. Map size influences T3 greatly: Sector 618 the shortest for example.

IF you don't look for special crates upon death (sidearms, icebreaker, invective, etc), T3 is somehow lower: 4 seconds on average.

Conclusion: TR= 14 + 3 + 6 – 4 = 19 seconds upon death.

PArt 2: average number of death per guardian, classified per K/D.

1) average number of deaths for K/D <0.0-0.8>: 13; 2) average number of deaths for K/D <0.8-1.2>: 8; 3) average number of deaths for K/D <1.2-1.8>: 5; 4) above 1.8 k/d: 3;

PART 3: the time lost in a crucible game (12 min). TimeLost =

1) TimeLost for K/D <0.0-0.8>: 247 seconds / game; * 34% of the game duration*

2) TimeLost for K/D <0.8-1.2>: 152 seconds / game; * 21% of the game duration*

3) TimeLost for K/D <1.2-1.8>: 95 seconds / game; * 13% of the game duration*

4) TimeLost for K/D above 1.8 k/d: 57 seconds / game; * 8% of the game duration*

Your critics, observations and conclusions.

best regards

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