New Smite Podcast – Defend Middle Lane Episode 3 Now Available

Hello Smite Fans,

Those smite players you may have now heard of: MadManMat, Happiness and Karbon13 have successfully made their third episode of Defend Middle Lane. We are as shocked as you are.

We wanted to release one last week but Karbon13 was bed ridden by some nasty virus and didn't leave his room for 5 days straight.

This week we talk about the 4.4 patch notes and discuss what we would love to see in a potential Celtic warrior. We are still having a ton of fun making this podcast and even though I'm there for the live recording Karbons antics still make me laugh during editing.

Now be warned we are grown adults that haven't learned to stop swearing. We aren't excessive but "F*ck" is said, and that likely won't change. In fact I think this week it got worse!!!

About us: We're a bunch of casual smite players so there won't be pro level discussion and we are bound to be wrong from time to time. We just love talking about the game and figured why not start a podcast for the other casuals like us.

You can find the podcast on Soundcloud and MadManMat's Youtube Channel

The podcast can also be found on Itunes and Tunein. So search Defend Middle Lane to find it.

Next week we plan on talking about our favorite (or least favorite to play against) off meta builds. So please comment on this reddit post, comment on the youtube video, tweet us @DML_VD2 or email us at and share your off meta builds and stories so that we can read them while recording.

You can also contact us about absolutely anything such as your opinions on topics or to share your love/hate of the podcast.


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