New Smite Podcast – Defend Middle Lane Episode 2 Now Available

Hello Smite Fans,

Those players you have never heard of: MadManMat, Happiness and Karbon13. Made a second episode of their Smite Podcast – Defend Middle Lane. Or VD2 for short

This week we talk about the 4.3 patch notes and our thoughts on the back dooring changes. Overall we had a lot of fun recording this episode and I burst out laughing a few times during editing. So hopefully you enjoy it to.

Now be warned we are grown adults that haven’t learned to stop swearing. We aren’t excessive but “F*ck” is said, and that likely won’t change.

About us: We’re a bunch of casual smite players, there won’t be pro level discussion. Lets be honest though most of us aren’t pro or hell even diamond or masters….well maybe we’re all diamond in season 4….. Its intended to be a casual podcast for casual smite players.

You can find the Podcast on Soundcloud and MadManMat’s Youtube channel

The podcast is also available on Itunes and Tunein. So search Defend Middle Lane to find it.

Last week was our confession of love. this week is like immediately following our first date. We will still be checking our phones regularily for feedback and responses. Feel free to send us love, hate and your opinions on the topics we talked about. You can respond to this post, comment on the youtube post or email us at

You can now also find us on twitter @DML_VD2

Youtube :



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