new player, what should i know going in?

I am very new to this game. I just bought it yesterday after not having heard about it until two days ago. All i can say so far is, What. The. Fuck. I’m only about 1.5 hours in and i have to say this looks better than anything i think i have ever seen on a console to date. I have no idea how this game eluded me for so long.

Graphics aside i do have to admit that the introductory storytelling is nothing to go crazy over. I am hoping that things pick up a little bit the further into it I get, but from what reviews i have read stated, that seems fairly typical. The last game that really wowed me was the Witcher 3 and I’m hoping this will compare to that. from my short foray into the world so far i have to say that i think this world LOOKS more impressive than the witcher. even having played the witcher on my high end gaming pc. I really appreciate strong visuals in a game like this and so far it looks incredible.

Anyway, my question for you folks is this. what is your advice for a new player? what skills are worth investing in? is there anything that is easily missed that i will regret not finding? I’m typically quite thorough in my exploration in games like this but you never know sometimes if you don’t ask. Any general tips or tricks that would be good to know about?

apologies if this does not seem well thought out or if i’m missing information that is posted frequently. I did some quick searching but i think i might get some more conclusive answers by asking you guys. Thanks!

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