New Player, Thought I’d Share My Positive & Incredibly Fun Experience So Far!

I was one of those people who always used to say "I don't understand WoW at all" or "It's not my cup of tea" (Sorry, British phrase..). The thing is, I never tried to understand it. I've had friends ask me if I would ever play it and tried to convince me a lot, but I never went for it. Instead I spent the last several years buying AAA titles and being let down more often than not.

So, that all changed last Friday. I'm not quite sure how we got onto the topic of WoW, we was playing another game and IIRC they were talking about D&D.. I had no idea what they were going on about, D&D seems so confusing to me. Anyway, that led to them talking about how they used to play it, then started talking about getting back into it.

For a long time I've been trying to find a game with tons of progression, lots to do, loads of depth. So I gave in. Downloaded the free trial. While my friends discussed something about taking a Troll Mage and Troll Monk (I'm just sat there like WTF does this all mean?!), I'm sat there downloading the game. It finishes. I click play.

….. Wow. My first hour I was just going round with my two friends completing quests in a world I didn't understand (Yet), but I loved it. I felt so overwhelmed but in a good way, I love that feeling of there being so much 'stuff' that it just overwhelms you and you don't know where to start.

Anyway, I initially started out as a Troll Hunter. Not really feeling the Troll race and becoming bored pretty quickly of being a Hunter after 10 levels (I did see a lot of posts about it being very simple), I rolled. Picked a Blood Elf Rogue.

Not having the support of my two friends who were now an island away, I launched myself solo into a world full of creatures and beasts with weird names and enemies out to kill me on sight. I fully embraced the fact that this game was going to take a while to learn about, I just got on with it. I see all these posts about maximising this and maxing out that.. I decided to just ignore it, make my own mistakes, learn from it, and enjoy the world around me.

Over 100 quests in 2 days later.. I'm LOVING this game. Why the hell did I not start earlier?! The best part is I have reunited with my cousin, who me and him used to play old school Runescape hour after hour, day after day in the good ol' days. His played WoW for over a decade, so now we get to relive our old ass kicking ways.

And yesterday I hopped aboard a zeppelin and made my way to Orgrimmar to be with my horde brothers. Upon arriving my two friends were standing there to welcome me, and were about 10 levels behind me. They joked I needed to take a break. It was at that point I released WoW has captured me. Bought Legion, subbed, here for the long run.

Just thought I'd share my experience as I see a few posts about it being tough as a new player or people giving in.

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