New player and I need a hand with a Katana build.

Whats up! Long time souls player and I am having a blast with Nioh so far, I am looking to make a single katana build focusing on movement and getting in up close and personal. I think I have the basics down, Heart and Body will be important, with Heart being my stat dump. I have three questions:

  1. I have no idea weather to drop points into Ninjutsu or Onmyo; in the most basic sense is Ninjutsu mostly thrown items for inflicting status/damage and Onmyo is personal buffs and enemy de-buffs? If that's they case then Onmyo seems right up my alley, would I be missing on anything cool or very useful in Ninjutsu. Of course I can read the descriptions but any tips or a personal thought on anything from Ninjutsu would be appreciated.

  2. Ki is massively more important than I initially thought before playing the game, obviously Heart is my main but is there a reason I should not drop a large amount of points into Skill as well?

  3. In some streams (Lord Aris of course atpRtsd) I've seen people recommending to increase spirit but from what I can tell all it does it give you faster recharge time on living weapon and possibly more damage? Which is obviously good. Is their a side effect from leveling Spirit? Does it help with something else that the LvL chart does not show?

Thanks for any tips or answers!

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