NEW h1z1 IDEAS! – A whole new level of gameplay and new survival begins?!!

I might have some ideas.


An Suicide action ''if you have a gun'' Equip the gun and press (the Deffault key) for Suicide gun to head

Extension of the Surrender When you press f2 and then press z and lie down, A new action will be confirmed, Hands on the head. So you can use the action while lying down.

A new point finger action* (To show people what to look at without speaking)

Sit down in the couch! * This action is enabled by right clicking or pressing E on a couch* (Regenerate faster Stamina)

  • The Door kick in* If a door is locked you can press a key to kick the door in. (Only if wearing boots)

* able to take off backpack while stuff inside. The stuff is left inside the backpack.


Make it possible in servers to Baricade doors and windows in the city.

Make zombies more likely to follow sounds of shots or if they see other zombies they will regroup and make Hordes.

Poison drinks: You are able to put Banshee blood, Gasoline, and more into Purified water OR Empty bottles. If you put Banshee or gasoline in Purified water, You won't notice it. You can poison people (only by giving them a drink You poisoned) *If you put 100% gasoline it will say (Bottle of gasoline) or Bottle of Banshee Blood) Which people would notice this is not a good thing to drink. (You can also make Z-virus in a drink by using an Infected Brain into the Purified water. People will see some weird stuff in the buttom of the bottle, It's just a question if they are gonna drink it. They will be infected with the H1z1- Virus when they don't reach the medicine.

Uncunsious: You will not die instantely if you get badly hurt. When you reach a level where you lost alot of blood but have enought health to survive you will pass out and may need assitance or just wait for a miracle. (People are still able to see you are alive and can execute you easily. (People are able to loot you while uncunsious) You have a chance for survive without help if you have enough health so you can lose it and wake up before bleed full out. (People are also able to handcuff you!

The Assist: A new action that lets you save Uncunsious Players. you can Hold a player Uncunsious in you hands while running and saving the guys life.

New Funitures:

New Beds, Shelfs, Tables, couches, Lamps, Lights, Decoration, Doors, Chairs will be functionable and added as a craftable place able thing in Bases.

New TRADE function!

Some people might be a little better than others and will trade instead of killing

They can trade food for stuff or what ever they want. (Also an easier way to give people stuff without getting it taken by other players.


Since this is a zombie game the Virus ofcourse needs to be improved.

New effects and zombie movements: at 10% the Caracter begins a little head ache and, some times take hands on head and says ouch!. 20% same effect more often. 60% slows movement, Can't run. Dizzy. 80% Almost crawling and makes coughs ALL the time dizzy. The process speeds up. And zombies begin less likely to attack you. 90% Only slow walk dizzy or crawl fast. Coughs and headache. 95% Lies down and can't move. takes 30 min to get 100%: 100% your eyes is red. you wake up as a zombie runner: You have a name tag but you are a zombie. You can get headshotted and can take alot of body damage. New zombie action!: When press e on a player (From behind) you will grab him and he needs to spam left click to get free. He losses ´15 Health per second. and takes minimum 3 seconds to get out (If spam fast) When a player reaches 30 health he will get infected with the H1z1-virus. (remember it takes long time before a player gets the symptoms of the h1z1 effect. Only rarely headaches. Killing a player and begin to eat makes your clothes MORE broken and looks more zombie likely. (You look like normal zombie from beginning) but you can eat more and more until you reach a level where your zombie actually gets overpowered. Your zombie gets 2x times bigger. MANY scracthes and scars. Muscles and fast. This zombie deffintly looks scary!. It can take alot of headshots and tons of body damage, It can walk through Punji sticks and knock on Metal Gates to spread affraidness. It can also every 5 human kills you can Scream and make Alot of zombies appear.

(h1z1 virus) New transforms: as i told over this is just a short Summary:

when reach 60% your clothes is dirty and your skin looks slowly more and more nasty. when 90% your skin is clear to see you are a little in problems. when Turned your clothes is scratched, red eyes, In cornor it says H1z1 Zombie. When you eat humans your muscles grow. every 2 human kills you can see a little difference of your body and your health is increased. (as a zombie you can only knock doors in Not open doors) when you reached 100% Muscle mass you look like a giant. You get abillity to scream every 5 kills and able to knock doors in faster. Able to knock metal gates but it have no effect.

H1z1 medicine (Very rare medicine hard to get and cures a person for h1z1- virus (UNDER 100% only) Online player zombies are able to smash the medicine if its on the ground.

ZombieCuff: This ''ZombieCuff'' Is handcuffs for zombies!!! this can be put around the neck and stuck to metal pipe. You can walk around with it. (It is very hard to catch zombies since you need to hurt em alot before able to put em in cuff) Might work as well on Online player zombies.

Zombie CuffStander:

This is a chain on a wall with the cuff. You can actually store living zombies close to walls. they might be aggressive while nearing them. Don't get too close! (Does work on online zombies but they will be able to left click them self out with an animation of hands punching and punching the Cuff around the neck.

.379 Riffel: (extremely rare) This is an autosniper used by Soldiers before in time.

Uses .379 big rounds.

They are black and have a nice reload on the left side.


Zombie shirt

Zombie Pants

Old boots

Zombie mask

Zombie bandana

The assassins Survivor

  • A super cool Hanging bag from shoulder

  • Cool hoodie.

  • Cool Bandana that fits hoodie

  • Assassin shoes (looks like ninja)

  • Assassin pants (Something with belts.

Solider pack

Marine Soldier Suit

marine Soldier Pants

marine Soldier Helmet

Sniper bandana

better game effects! and small features.

Cutting zombies will sometimes make em lose hands, arms, legs, or their head (If it's low Health)

A fix of the Glove firstperson. Gloves will now appear as firstperson.

New punch/Swinging sword actions (comes up random when left clicking.

Zombies can grab you!

A fix of the zombie punching. When zombies punch it can sometimes be long distance and you still get hurt.

Couch/Chair sitting

Able to press surrender while sitting

An extension of Surrender when lying on the ground u put hands on head instead.

Shoot your self action (Suicide action Could be replaced with /Respawn if you have an Equiped gun

When someone is handcuffed, And you are a zombie you can already start feed on them. Instant Infect and your muscle mass grows.

Proximity chat makes your caracter's mouth makes movements.

THE Execution axe ( A rare axe that is used for execution, This axe cuts of players heads! (Extremely rare) (Works only when lying down) and handcuffed

Legendary Assassin blade: (Assassin blade, you can now assassinate targets from behind by cutting their throat

Maybe, Maybe not Discussion:

Break legs function, when shot or fallen from high place, You would need some medical assist.

(Also the Assist action) If you have broken legs people can come and hold you in the hands.

Why i think this: if more and more Assist Actions is getting adding you can as well add more bad stuff. But again it's maybe not needed. adding more Assist Functions will increase the Teamwork in PVP

You could also add more of these assist Functions:

Heal Player.

Hold player over shoulder. (When broken leg or uncunsious)

Check pulse when they are Uncunsious

Break up Handcuffs. (When another player is handcuffed you can use a sharp tool or anything tool to break up handcuffs and free player.

(When handcuffed) You can feed players. (Also drinks)

When they are infected with H1z1-virus you can give them medicine.

New transports



(MAYBE MAYBE NOT?) 1 Helicopter per server? only 1 spawn point. and it is advanced made so small amount of players would only could fly this since it needs practice and training. Means that you need to be pilot trained to fly helicopter or you might end up hitting a building.


Amour car



Military Transport (Tons of seats back)

Military jeep

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