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I have over 2000 hours on Rust, as well as pushing 2500 on JS, and I have come to realize that even though base building isn't as fun or creative on H1Z1, that the gunplay and mechanics are what keep me here, versus on Rust Experimental. It has always been my idea, that Rust's base building model, combined with H1Z1's mechanics and guns, would be the perfect game. The announcement of a modular system coming to Just Survive made me very excited, and I still am currently, but the biggest concern I have is that youre making the foundations bigger, instead of smaller. Currently, placing a deck or especially with a tamper, flat ground is better, though sometimes hard to find. Even seemingly flat areas that to the eye would fit a ground tamper, sometimes do not. This makes the areas in which we place bigger or more complex bases harder to come by. If you build in cranberry, it has to be the water, otherwise your decks will be of uneven height. Same goes with, what, 70% of the map? My suggestion, though it a bit late, would be to scale down the foundation size, and make them interlocking pieces, much like the foundation expansion is now. Also, if you were to do this, adding in a triangle foundation would allow for much more creativity in base design. In a perfect world, copying Rust base building as a whole would be perfect, honestly, but I'm just asking for something similar. You have already done this in adding modular peices and also the ability to upgrade from wood/stone/metal. Why not scale down the foundation and give us the ability to customize even more, as it would solve many issues that I see coming with a larger foundation. Unless the map coming is much much flatter, or allows for placement that doesnt happen now, then a larger foundation in the new system is really going to limit things. Dont make things worse, take the time now to make things 100x better.

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