New Arena Idea: The Night Temple

A dark arena, the time of day is night, there are trees and ruins of an old kingdom lurking around the arena. From a peaceful kingdom into a haven for Magic Users, the Night Temple is an arena that will surely be more magical than spell valley.

It is located at 3,400 trophies.

Donations are the same as legendary arena.

All cards are Tournament Standard, they will have their stats then a brief note on them of how they work.

Obliteration Spell – Common (1 Elixir)

Damage: 86

Crown Tower Damage: 31

Radius: 2.5

A cheap answer to Bats and Skeletons.

Battle Crab – Common (2 Elixir)

Hitpoints: 67

Damage: 67

Attack Speed: 1.0sec

Speed: Medium

Targets: Ground and Air

Attack Type: Single, Ranged

Range: 3.5

Count: x4

Ranged version of Skeleton/Bat

Crab Shack – Rare (4 Elixir)

Hitpoints: 547

Lifetime: 35sec

Spawn Time: 7sec

Spawn Count: 2

Battle Crab Level: 9

Death Count: 5

Spawns 2 Battle Crabs every 7 seconds, spawns 5 of them on death.

Sand Witch – Rare (4 Elixir)

Hitpoints: 687

Damage: 133

Attack Speed: 1.1sec

Speed: Fast

Targets: Ground and Air

Attack Type: Triple Attack, Ranged

Range: 4.5

Battle Crab Level: 9

Battle Crab Count: 3

Battle Crab Spawn Time: 6.25sec

Spawns 3 Battle Crabs, Can attack up to 3 enemies in a radius in a 360° manner.

Shadow Spirit – Epic (3 Elixir)

Hitpoints: 1

Damage: 76

Speed: Very Fast

Targets: Ground and Air

Attack Type: Single, Ranged

Range: 3.5

Confusion Duration: 3sec

Count: 4

Spawns 4 Spirits, Very Fragile, When it lands on a Enemy, The enemy will kill its allies for 3 seconds. Confused entities will not hit the crown towers, however crown towers can be effected.

Wind Wizard – Epic (3 Elixir)

Hitpoints: 544

Damage: 100

Attack Speed: 1.9sec

Speed: Medium

Targets: Ground and Air

Attack Type: Splash, Ranged

Push Radius: 2.0

Range: 5.0

Pushes enemy troops back 2 tiles.

Invisibility Spell – Legendary (3 Elixir)

Duration: 3sec

Radius: 3.0

All ally troops in a radius will become invisible. Resurrected and Cloned Units can not be cast invisible. Troops are not Spellproof.

Necromancer – Legendary (5 Elixir)

Hitpoints: 354

Spell Shield Hitpoints: 140

Damage: 522

Attack Speed: 2.3sec

Speed: Medium

Targets: Ground and Air

Attack Type: Single, Melee

Range: 3.5

Resurrect Cost: 1

Resurrect Hitpoints: 30% of original

Resurrect Damage: 20% of original

Resurrect Radius: 2.0

Will resurrect all troops that died in its radius within 15 seconds, they will have decreased stats. Example: Princess dies and is resurrected, she will have 65HP and deals 28 damage. All resurrected cards will cost 1 elixir and will not resurrect if elixir is empty. Necromancer is immune to spells while shield if active.

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