Need help finding a few things (Pod Programs, Materials, Archives)

So I decided I want to get all of the trophies legitimately. At this point I could easily purchase the last two I need, but I loved this game so much that I want the screenshots attached to my profile for my trophies to show legitimately getting them, rather than the trophy shop screen. The only trophies I need are the one for getting all Pod Programs, and the one for fully upgrading all pods.

For part, the things I'm looking for are Simple Gadgets and Powerup Part Ls. I still need three Simple Gadgets for Pod C, which I'll probably just find with the search program but if anyone knows any specific locations they spawn in that'd be great. I've already done every quest except the ones for showing Pascal old world information, and the one for showing 4S combat unit data, so I can't get any more that way. Powerup Part L I have no idea where to get, I don't even have any in my inventory.

I can't find a full list of Pod Programs anymore, so here's the ones I do have.

Laser, Mirage, Hammer, Blade, Spear, P Shield, M Shield, Wave, Wire, Slow, Repair Bomb, Gravity, Scanner

Each of them have numbers attached, so I guess I'm missing 100, 150, 160, and possibly ones after 170.

The last thing I'm looking for isn't necessary for trophies, but I'm missing Gestalt Report 05 and would love to be able to find and read it. If anyone knows where it is I'd love to know.

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