Need farming help at lvl 180. Failing at the LW farming runs and spamming motorcycle is too slow!

Would love some advice. I'm running a skill build but I kept things balanced.

Body 20 Hart 20 Stamina 20 Strength 15 Skill 76 Dex 30 Magic 20 Spirit 25

I was running a versatile build, or that was my intention. Since skill adds dmg to all weapons besides axes, which I don't use. I main katana/dual katana, both with +dmg from skill. They are 1200/1250 dmg. I also run spear and kurisagama, at 1260 and 1080 (spear has +dmg from skill too, need one more inheritance for my kuri). I can't seem to one-shot mobs in Demon Revealed with my LW with these stats, so I keep messing it up. I was farming Honda for 700k per kill, at about one kill per minute with loading etc. But needing 4.5mil per level now that feels too slow.

Any advice what I could do as a step between being strong enough to reliably run Demon Revealed runs? I was running with Susako and Red Demon for the fire dmg, which I have on my kuri too, which I was using with Blade Spin. What dmg should it have to one-shot the mobs? With my current stat would these runs work with katana or dual katana with LW or is it all about Blade Spin? Or should I respec about 55/55 dex and skill? Maybe ditch body and heart all together (softcaps felt worth the investment, and the hp and ki is nice) and go 65/65?

Tips would be greatly appreciated! And if anyone has a weapon with '+dmg to skill A+' and could suicide it somewhere for me, that would be even better! Cheers Reddit!

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