Nami/kingo players

So I don't know if anyone has seen this yet, but for those of us, using Nami-oyogi cuz it's got ballin stat rolls and kingos for the set, There may be a minor tweak for better performance, this will only work with the -1 set bonus, but, if you are using a nami, then you already have the 2 set, now I happen to have gotten a nice WotW Best, so that's 2 pieces now. So I'm looking at the set bonuses and I noticed there is CCD( close combat damage) in both the last set bonus of the kingos as well as in the 4th set bonus for WotW, however the WotW set actually has higher CCD% than the kingos so by putting on piece of WotW, you would lose the very last set bonus from kingos, but gain the 4th set bonus from WotW which in turn will give you a higher overall CCD. Originally I had planned to do something similar with demon kings and swordmasters but, they are proving waaaay to heavy for my current amount of stamina, but this kingos/WotW set up gives you pretty much all the great bonuses from both, at least the ones that are not status specific, and it's still just heavy enough that you can keep your toughness rating in the blue. Have been trying it for a couple of days, seems to work out really nice. Also for a side note, for everyone using-1 to set, equipping a yatagasaru rifle and a secondary set melee weapon should also give you the 2 set from those as well, currently I finally got a hold of some sword masters dual swords. Anyway, hope maybe this helps, lemme know whatcha think

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