N:A ruined my enjoyability of Dark Souls 3…so how is Tales of Berseria?

Dark Souls 3's final DLC was released yesterday…but instead of how I was supposed to enjoy the great conclusion of the series, I can't help but keep thinking back to the music and characters of Automata and go back to finish my second complete replay. 🙁 I think it may have to do with how bleak and despair the Souls game are, which are the last thing I want now…after finishing Automata, what I really wish is to have some new connection with interesting characters and stories, preferably in Japanese storytelling style.

Now Steam keep recommending me Tales of Berseria. I have never played any Tales of games before, in fact I have read more about Drakengard and Nier (even though I've also never played any of them). But the female protagonist looks really like a badass girl which is something I like. The strong anime style if fine with me, the combat doesn't look bad…I've spoilt myself a bit with the story which seems to be interesting with lots of twists. I do not expect (nor wish for) something as soul draining as Automata, but I do wish a good story with well developed character to connect to.

So for people who have played Berseria before, compared to NieR, is it an enjoyable game?

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