My wishlist for future Horizons

Halfway through, I have been loving this game a lot. But I also see things I think could be improved upon in either DLC or whatever sequel they make in a few years, most likely the latter. Here are the things I want most:

  1. Ability to ride more overridden machines, especially something that flies. I do think letting us ride and attack with stuff like the Thunderjaw would be incredibly OP, but riding a Sawtooth, a Trampler or a Glinthawk? Yes please. If they're worried about it being a little game-breaking with certain mounts, they could have them only be loyal until you get off or are knocked off, and then they just run away (or even lose their override).

  2. More climbing and rappelling. I find the climbing fluid and fun to use – reminds me of the climbing in Uncharted a lot. But similar to Uncharted you can generally only climb on specific linear paths that point you to a particular place. This is an open world game and free exploration is a big part of why I'm playing it, so give me WAY more handholds to get up, and more anchor spots to rappel down from (or letting us rappel freely from any spot with the Ropecaster would be amazing, though I understand that it creates a lot of potential programming and map design issues). Anyway, it bums me out when I'm in the middle of the desert surrounded by all these sheer cliffs and I can't climb any of them.

  3. Better human AI. Machines are great, the human enemies are really very one-dimensional in comparison. They probably can't be as interesting due to the lack of "components," but they could be trickier. Look to The Last Of Us as a good enemy AI model. They react better to your activities and each other's deaths/injuries, and they move around a lot more to flank you and whatnot.

  4. Let us do more with outfits, aesthetically: remove or swap headgear, add and subtract pieces, change colors.

  5. Tone down the "gathering" part of being a hunter/gatherer. I like the crafting in the game pretty well despite not really liking crafting as a game mechanic – they were smart to borrow from the way The Last Of Us did certain things, like holding a button to craft from your HUD instead of having to navigate pause menus. I DON'T like the constant scrounging for resources; one thing that turned me off of Fallout 4 was having to loot every single dead body and desk drawer. I'd like to see less looting and fewer useful plants in the world, and everything you do get should be a larger resource dump. I've picked enough medicinal herbs and looted enough dead watchers for 3 sad shards that I'm kind of over it.

  6. A handful of unique machines in the world would be too cool. The Redmaw quest hints at this but that's just one thing, it's very scripted, and ultimately Redmaw is just another Thunderjaw pretty much. How about adding 3-4 named machines that you can only first find via a quest, and then they roam around the map so that you might randomly run into one of them occasionally – maybe have to run for your life if they are still too tough for you? It could be an objective to ultimately kill all of these – your own personal collection of Moby-Dicks.

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