My thoughts so far [PC]

Hey all,

I'm sure this will get lost, but I wanted to jot down some of my thoughts on the game so far to see if anyone was feeling the same way.

First off, I never played the Division, never bought it, never pre-ordered – any of that (I learned my lesson.) So I don't have any bias there for the game being "Similar."

First off I really like the customization, I feel like there is enough options for your character, and enough for at least 3 other players to keep everyone unique. I also really like that you can customize your character mid game. Makes it fun to change your clothing to adapt to the environment.

I like the amount of Weapons and upgrades there are. I also like that they are spread out enough that it's a mission within itself to go out and find the gear you want. One problem I encountered so far Is that after you customize your weapon sometimes it will become invisible. You can pull it out, and even look down the sights but the weapon isn't visible. The solution i found to this was re-customizing your weapon, after the second try it will become visible again.

I'm a fan of the AI, so far for me they have not been buggy. I though for sure the grab/ interrogate or stealth kill animation would be off, but alas they work great! Also enemy AI is smart (usually.) Never encounter any dumb issues with them.

One thing that is in desperate need of improvement is the vehicles. They are wonky as all hell. I will say when Driving on the roads or dirt/mud the effects on the vehicle is pretty cool. The Vehicle damage is good as well, but…and this is a huge but… I would recommend everyone drive a car off a cliff just to see how bad the physics/damage is then. Its terrible. Otherwise there's a nice selection of cars, I just hope the physics is improved.

Air Vehicles is another area in need of improvement. Flying at first is quite difficult, whether it be in a helicopter or plane. There is a bit of a learning curve, and you can get use to it, but the auto leveling is really annoying, and the controls seem really wonky. The planes are a bit easier to fly, and IMO the fixes only need apply to helicopters. I find you really have to feather the keys in-order to keep the chopper in a straight line.

Mounted vehicle weapons, they are awesome. But I do feel like your character view could be a bit wider. It gets really annoying when off road, and your bumping around. It makes it very hard to stabilize your view and it can be a bit nauseating. Chopper Mounted view I have no complaints about.

Coop – So far I love it. I've played only with friends, so no random sessions yet. I like that you can do any mission, even if your not up to that point in the story yet and still get the XP. This works the other way around too. If you already competed the mission but, lets say your helping a friend do it, you still get the XP when completed. That's great and I love it. One complaint I have is the caches. I'm the Marksmen of my group. I hate that I have to run in after the mission is over and tag everything that my teammates already got. Maybe a system is needed for coop where if one man tag them everyone gets it.

Lastly, the Graphics. They're beautiful. There is some issues with the dynamic weather, there the lighting can be different for other players, but that's not too big an issue, and can easily be fixed.

Overall in its launch, and very beginning state I would rate this game a 8.5/10. There are a few areas in need of improvement, but overall the launch went well and the game works properly and is very enjoyable to play, even with its minor issues. Can be a bit buggy but that;s to be expected. I'm sure a patch will come soon.

See you all in the field Ghosts!

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