My thoughts on the new Matchmaking Rules

Hi everyone,

My name is Fatbroccoli and I'm a dropper. Whew. If you're still here, please take a moment and read my story.

For the first part of my CR career, I was F2P. I unlocked a princess from a daily chest when I was around 2400 trophies, and I put her in every deck for a long time. I know many of you out there understand just how exciting it is to have access to a legendary as a F2P.

Using my Princess and mostly 8/6/3 cards I was able to get 3000 trophies, and that's when I decided to spend money on the game and buy the Legendary Arena Pack. I was extremely fortunate and received a Graveyard (just after its release), and then a few days later I got another graveyard from a Crown Chest. Life was good!

Graveyard had just been released, so people were generally bad at countering it or didn't have counters in the deck. Using Golem Graveyard and then Bowler Graveyard decks, I quickly climbed the ladder, reaching a personal best of just over 4000. By this point my deck was almost tournament standard – only my Bowler / Golem was underleveled, and of course my GY was over-leveled. As time went on, people got better at countering Graveyard, as it really took hold in the meta, and I stabilized at around 3800 trophies.

I loved challenges, and my cards were all tournament standard now, so I started to level up and request other cards. Once I had enough tournament-level cards to try some other decks, I would switch — and almost always, drop. One week I would try giant balloon. Then Pekka Double Prince. Then the next week I would try to make a log bait deck, or experiment with a 3 musketeers cycle deck. I would meme with goblin barrel / mirror / clone decks, and just generally have fun trying my own thing.

As you can imagine, most of the decks above required epics which were underleveled, and I was inexperienced playing them, and some of them are just awful decks… as a result I dropped and tended to hover between 2600-3000.

Now the update happens. I queue at 2600 with 9/6.5/3/1, using an off-meta and probably bad deck, and I will hit a 4000-4500 personal best player. Usually level 10-11, usually 11/8/5/2 or higher.

And the crazy thing? I usually win about half my games. Not because I'm good or I destroy them with my fun decks — no, no, no. I win half my games because they do nothing. They try to lose. I lose the other half versus overwhelming card strength with no chance to win.

Now that I am always paired against players who are the best I've ever been, I'm forced to use the best deck I've ever had. I can't experiment or play with new cards. I'm forced to play my Bowler / Graveyard deck to have any chance to steal a game versus the level 11's I'm paired with. And for the time being, the game has become a complete chore. I play my games, and the opponent either tries to lose, or crushes me completely.

My story isn't the worst case, either. Bowler / GY is at least a fun deck. But what about a player who overleveled RG and hit 4000, but wants to play a fun deck now? Well, the new deck will drop him to 3000, but he will still be paired against 4000 people, so that kid is going straight back to RG spam. Supercell is forcing a degenerate meta on us by, essentially, disallowing the use of off-meta decks or underleveled cards.

As for me, I'm playing a new account on another device. I don't want to be stuck playing a single overpowered deck, and I certainly don't want all my games to be against players with +2 tower levels and +3.5 card levels.

I hope something changes.

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