My sincere message to Hirez regarding the new Server Roll-ups

This is my email to Hirez regarding the server roll-ups.

I could write for hours on this but I have shit to do so I'll make it brief. Forcing OCE players into NA servers where they get 300 ping is ruining the experience for everyone. I would rather wait half an hour for each game than queue on NA servers, I would rather masturbate with a cheese grater than play one more game on NA servers. I would rather go up to a mother kangaroo, bare my unshaven nut sack and curb-stomp her new born child in front of her eyes than play another game on NA servers. I would rather birth Donald Trump out of my ass and lick him clean of my own feces whilst listening to him trying to persuade me that Climate change is a myth than play one more game on NA servers do you understand me motherfucker. And I'm sure that if you bothered to check with our community you would realize that most of us feel similarly.

When you push us into NA games most of us will just stop playing; but the people who do not stop playing will only make the games less enjoyable for their NA counter-parts. They will spew hate, call the game trash, call the players trash and abuse everyone in any way that they can. When you take someones favorite food and then tell them that to eat it they can only do so with some greasy, cheesy, heart-attack inducing, North American piece of trash smeared all over then they'll have much the same reaction as we will. Keep your grossly obese, obtusely sweating, neck-beard, NA player-base to yourself and give us back our game. Cunts.

Sincerely Yours,

All of Oceania

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