My review on PUBG

I believe I have enough hours in to give a review so here it goes….

Bugs: I've found two issues. One is after a match I never go back to the main menu. It just hangs at the background and I have to End Task. The other is lagging out. I think the servers may be crashing out because in twos it happens to both of us. It starts lagging bad then kicks us out.

Guns: like everything so far but haven't had enough time to fully get a feel. Attachments are awesome

Cars: love all the vehicle spawns… easy to find and not OP.

Loot Balance: in KOTK I can loot 5 houses in the time I can loot one or two in PUBG. Sometimes I will go to 4 before I find a backpack and/or helmet. It would be nice if the loot was tweaked. I feel like KOTK is more geared around giving an advantage to who gets good stuff and PUBG is more geared to give advantage to those that are more tactical and cautious. I don't thing RNG has a place in this game

Gameplay: everything is smooth… I love it. Looting feels natural and weapons/attachments are cool. I get very bored mid game however. Everyone just goes in a building and hides. In two games I drove all over the circle twice and never seen anyone or got shot out. Eventually I seen a person in a window. They hid once I stopped. I've only made it to the end twice because I get bored and start rushing houses.

I don't know how to solve my major complaint… I don't want any major rule changes… maybe some sort of incentive to get out and about but not necessarily any kind of penalty. I don't like penalizing a play style but it would be cool if there was a reason that made u want to get out.

It's easy to say "don't go in houses mid game" but damn I get bored after sitting around a few minutes. Earlier I stopped, in a car, in the middle of the circle for about 3 minutes. Went and made a margarita and I was still alive. Any other game I would have died the second I stopped ?

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