My Remix Chest content for science

Start with 33/55, ends with 43/55. I already have the Janus skin.

In order:

  • Gorgon Athena
  • Arcane Assassin Bastet
  • Horned Beetle Khepri
  • Desert Queen Serqet
  • Chacc-a-laka Chacc
  • Worldweaver Neith
  • Afterlife Anubis
  • Polaris Sol
  • Desert Omen Isis
  • Heaven's Rave Zeus

So yeah basically all those T2 skins you don't want are in it.

T2s from comments

  • Legion Hercules
  • Thunder's Roar Raijin
  • Battle Bard Apollo
  • Desert Omen Isis
  • Armored Scurrier Ratatoskr
  • Arcane Assassin Bastet
  • Sand Warden Anhur
  • Shining Heaven Amaterasu
  • Demon King Ravana
  • Nile Stalker Sobek
  • Hunter's Moon Chang'e
  • Searing Sun Hou Yi
  • Polaris Sol
  • Frostbound Skadi
  • The Undying Xing Tian
  • Shield of the Gorgon Athena
  • Centurion Mercury
  • Brian Queen Artemis
  • Ravens Throne Odin
  • Deathcap Sylvanus

and T2s of: Osiris, Odin, Sylvanus, Hou Yi, Hercules, Chang'e, Apollo, Medusa, Raijin, Vamana, Nemesis, Kali, Anhur, Sobek, Fenrir, Xing Tian (Undying), Artemis, Skadi, Mercury.

Added some non-T2 skins from the comment.

  • Swagni Agni
  • Renegade Awilix
  • Kawaii Pop Bastet
  • Ski Patrol Skadi

Removed for more information suggests these are not in the chest

  • Eldritch Ra
  • Drums Out Raijin

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