My posts on this subreddit and my YouTube Channel.

First I would like to apologize to anyone who is upset , offended , or feels in someway harmed by my content and recent posts. My intention was never to teach people how to use bugs nor make myself a millionaire or hundredaire on YouTube at the expense of the game . I've spent a ton of money and time to pursue a hobby and a dream of making YouTube videos mainly to impress my 8 year old son. I started with tons of gameplay that noone watches because let's face it who cares about watching a stranger playing a game when they can watch PewDiePie or some huge person.

I decided to do tips and tricks that would actually help people and it worked a little better with some gameplay sprinkled in . The bugs and exploit reports was just a side service that blew up quite a bit . People are split but the overwhelming majority thank me for pointing this stuff out because they don't want to be taken advantage of by things they don't even know exist and lose their time and hard work . They also beleive raising awareness get them fixed faster and although I doubt that I have much impact my friends would joke that a few days later they would get patched.

I wish the best for the future of Conan exiles as I switched from Rust to try and make this my main Game . I can't wait to get back to tips and tricks and gameplay . ATM though so many insane bugs piled up that I couldn't find any enjoyment and kept losing my base before I could create any content . How do you think I discover these bugs and exploits? Because they are being used against me and my friends over and over to the point where sometimes we wanna give up and quit . Instead of quiting I tried to use my voice to change it . Unfortunately this cause many people to see me as an opportunist preying on the community and that was not my intention.

I will not post exactly how to do exploits anymore but I would like to continue making people aware of them and how to defend against them! The only reason I started was because I posted a rust exploit a while back and did not include how to do it . I got my most dislikes ever and some nasty comments . I watched other people like Dean Central and others show how to do it and get 10 times the views and kudos . Another YouTuber from Rust I won't name made fun of me and said your integrity isn't going to get you anywhere you wasted a huge opportunity .

In closing I did not mean to upset anyone nor is this content all I want my channel to be about . I am learning and I will sometimes make mistakes . I had never been msged or approached by a moderator and told that this was wrong . And because comments were mostly positive I continued . I am sorry for all their offended and would like to continue sharing positive content with the Conan Exiles community!

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