My personal favorite armor combo for using a Sword

with all the influx of Red Demon armor jokes and posts about armor set bonus’, I thought I’d share my setup for using a single sword.

before we go any further, it would be worth mentioning my setup includes the Yasakani Magatama which gives the set bonus requirement -1

I use all 4 pieces of the Yagyu set, including the Tengu Kiri, which increases attack & defense with a sword +10, Close combat damage +9.5%, and also increases your parry window amongst other smaller bonus’. (the increased parry window is a godsend, I usually reliably parry revenants on the 1st try and 90% of the time it’s a 1 shot which makes for great revenant farming)

the other part of my set includes 4 pieces of the Warrior of the West set, including the Nami Oyogi Kanemitsu and Warrior of the West Bow, plus the Yasakani Magatama totals up to 5 pieces. With those 5 pieces you get 10.2% Close combat damage, and +10 attack & defense when using Raiken (which I do), as well as +27.5% close combat damage when enemy is electrified. (You can use guardian spirit talismans with the Raiken spirit and it will proc the electric element on most anything).

so adding up all our bonus’ from the armor, we have:

  • Attack & Defense +20
  • Close Combat Damage+ 20% (roughly)
  • Additional Close Combat Damage +27% when enemy is electrified

NOTE: The Raiken spirit gives +15% Close Combat dmg against Yokai, which works out nicely.

when all is said and done, youll be getting over a 62% Close Combat dmg increase on electrified Yokai, not counting damage from behind bonus.

As far as equipment load goes, It’s a mixture of both light and medium armors. For my character, it took 42 stamina before i was in the A (blue) tier of Agility.

Anyways, for any aspiring sword users out there, I hope this helped a little bit for those who are unsure on an armor setup, or are just not wanting to go the route of Red Demon armor

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  1. This is the EXACT build I am using! The electricity and water puts the discord debuff on enemies and makes them easy-peasy! Try adding the Sloth Talisman and Weakness Talisman in with the mix. Awesome post!

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