My personal experience with Revenants.

First let me set the scene. I played the entire game in offline mode my first time through. Mostly it was because I didn't think I could see Revenants without PSN + but also because I wanted to kill all the developer placed ones only. Also I wanted to try and beat the game without grinding or replaying missions and killing Revenants outside the static ones seemed Like a grind to me.

After getting to the second region in NG+ I turned the game online and almost immediately regret the decision. There were bloody graves everywhere and they all had a full set of divine gear. I felt like there was no excitement to seeing a green drop anymore because I could get a guaranteed 50 divine items from any given level.

So I decided to not fight them. Especially after picking a random one that I assumed couldn't be a purposeful death so people can farm an amazing weapon. Nope, I immediately pick up a katana with almost all my favorite effects and CTA Heart A+. I felt like I didn't even need to play anymore and that I wasted time changing to a spirit build to use the weapons I got for killing the hydra boss. I could just farm these things, get all the divine crafting items I want from dismantling, and basically never have any excitement towards finding gear again.

If you like this system, and I can see why a lot of people would, then go for it. I have no issue with it existing in truth, especially with how much it takes to max out a 150 divine weapon. However, it's also kind of taken the magic out of finding these weapons in the wild for me. Why should I get excited about that yokai dropping a green weapon when there are potentially dozens lying around on Revenants?

I almost think I should just go start a new play through with a different build to get the enjoyment of finding new and better gear again. Or go back into offline mode if I'm not intending on farming Revenants.

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