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Some opinions about the game so far Prologue: Im 33 years old and I play video games since I was like 8-9 therefore I can say I have seen many things happens in the videogames industries and the main lesson I learned is take a game for what it is and not for what I want that game to be.

I've played the beta of GRW for awhile and noticed good things and bad things for sure A)character customization: that's good but not awesome,you can go from Jesse Ventura to zero dark thirty very fast but I've noticed chilliest are popular among players; B)Weapons: they seem to be balanced and it seems to be a different about bullet impact(and bullet damage)between smg and rifle in general.Customization looks great but we need to wait for the final game to see if there are any customization that can be actually useful (not just looking tacticool) C) The Map: in one word outstanding;I love the landscape but I have noticed any place (village or city) looks like alive.The night/day-clear/storm weather is something I've never esperienced before in a game D)Gameplay;look a bit repetitive but I'm wondering about the plot of the final game I mean it will be so interesting after all E)Gameplay with Ai controlled Allies: I never played alone so I can't say anything about it. F)Gameplay with human Allies:I loved this part I've found people with different style of playing and I just let them do follow their approach to the mission.Had the chance to do a mission with headset and other people it was a blast.Very Cool Epilogue As I stated before I've played a lot of games,really a lot.I can tell this game is not perfect at all,but what mostly I've read comes from a misconception of the game itself;or,in few words some players were expecting a different kind of game. This game is a sandbox kinda game.Not Arma,not old time ghost recon.Its a sandbox that take place in the universe of the Ghost Recon Franchise. To the players: if you like sandbox style of game you will love this game,if you love arma you will hate this game,for real. Let's make a quick example: GTA V is a sandbox game (still bestseller) it is far away to be a shooter game,far away from be a good driving game,but STILL,after some years,a best seller (let's say the game itself was good and rockstar did a good job on the online part of the game). If you looking for the division in this game you will find nothing related too. The same,as a said before,for other game (wildlands is still far from what GRAW and GRAW3 were). You want to have fun with friends?take this game for sure,I can firmly recommend it. You want to focus and get frustrated in this game playing it like it is arma,I don't suggest you to even play the beta of this game. Sorry for the long post 😉

P.S I'm going to get the game

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