My opinion on Ghost Recon: Wildlands!

After a lot of people on Youtube complained or sometimes even praised Ghost Recon Wildlands I thought it would be a good idea to give my opinion! What can be better in the Wildlands? What should be a new Gamemode?

Also keep in mind that i'm Dutch and my English is not that good yet.

-What can be better? In my opinion the driving is just bad, maybe the worst aspect in the game. The offroad-terrain is that vehicle-unfriendly that you must keep yourself on the road. Only with the bike you can go offroad and even then you will get injured because you fly off your bike.

I think Ubisoft did a bad job with using the map. The map is great and the graphics ar great too. But they do to less with it. There are so many abandoned/burned farms, barns and houses with great potential for new missions.

-What is good? The graphics or great! The missions are a bit repetitive but fun to play because the area of your mission is always different. And I like the part that you can choose which Province you can do.

-What should be added. A multiplayer game! Right now I finished the main story line and i am kinda bored, i mean: The Side-Missions are nice but a lot repetitive, it's almost always ''Steal the Convoy''.

I think the game would be a hell of a lot better if they add this Multiplayer-Gamemodes -Castle-Defend -Battle Royale

-Castle-Defend This gamemode would be a 20v20. 20 people would defend a base in a province while the other 20 will try to reach the center of the base. Even if 1 men will reach it; his team win. Ofcourse the defensive team will have some things that will make their job easier. Think about Cars, miniguns, mortars.

-Battle Royale I think this gamemode speaks for itself. There are 20 people in 1 match: 10 teams of 2 man. You get dropped with a Parachute in the air. And have to gather weapons and armor. In this gamemode everyone has to look the same way, otherwise there would be a lot of Ghillie suits. Also in this gamemode 1 province is in use which changes between the matches. And like I said, i think that in this gamemode all the abandoned/burned farms, houses and barns will be in a good use.

Anyways, this was my opinion about Ghost Recon:Wildlands. ~DaanHeerw

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