My observations on Dual Swords.

I started playing recently and as I said on another post of mine, I had zero to none experience with Souls Series and Bloodborne, so I'm testing the waters with Nioh. Also, I'm a JRPG fan, so grinding composes most part of the game for me.

I spent a lot of time on the first part of the first mission, that part before opening the door with the key you get after killing your first big yokai. I tried the different weapons, blocking, instances, dodging and all that I could to prevent heavier levels of frustration latter on, and this worked better than expected, but that's not the point of this post.

My initial choices of weaponry were Katana + Spear (some influence from Musashi), but I was having a hard time farming Revenants due to their non-stop attacks with high damage (I was facing Revenants 10 to 20 levels above mine). After making a lot of tests I discovered how unbalanced the Dual Swords are.

I noticed that Revenants from players use armors regardless of their weight capacity, so their Ki runs out very quickly if you block against them and the Dual Swords allows you to block wasting very little Ki. Also, after blocking, the Dual Swords allows you to stab them faster than any other weapon while in mid stance, unless the Revenant is also using Dual Swords, in this case, you change to low stance and stab them. After a while, their Ki will deplenish and you'll be able to use a finishing move. Repeat this two or three times and you can win against any Revenant until lv 38 (the highest I faced so far).

The only down side of this strategy is that I doesn't work well against big yokais due to it's low damage, so Spears are a pretty balanced option.

Unfortunately, due to this strategy working 100% of the time, I can't use the Katana that I like so much. Every time I try to use it, I feel like the cons (agility and Ki usage) are higher than the pros (damage and coolness) when compared to the Dual Swords 🙁 and this made me sad.

Of course, most of you who have previous experiences with this kind of game will be able to disagree with me and point out a lot of strategies that surpasses mine, but for casual players like me, this works perfectly to grind around 15 to 20 levels in the first area.

So basically:

  • Save.
  • Reset Revenants.
  • Summon Revenant.
  • Block while maintaining really close distance, fighting in a very small space is the best option.
  • Stab them when there's and opening.
  • If the Revenant uses Dual Swords, change to low stance.
  • After their Ki runs out or if it's very low, just hit them and use a finishing move.
  • Win.
  • Get EXP and Equipments.
  • Repeat.

I would be glad to hear critics and comments about my observations!

TL;DR: I broke the first part of the game with the Dual Swords.

Thank you!

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