My non-gamer sister introduction to the Dark Souls universe.

This week, I had my sister sleep at my place and as I was playing Dark Souls 1, I decided to create a knight for her to play because I think it's one of the best class for first time players.
To give you an idea, my sister's gaming experience comes down to casual Nintendo DS and cooking games in which you bake cakes and collect money from your customers. That kind of games.

I hand her the controller and to my surprise she rolls with it, starting her journey in the Undead Asylum.
Right from the start, she is extremely defensive as she knows the reputation of the game, going step by step and then stopping entirely as she gets a glimpse of the Stray Demon.
Every time she needed to press a specific button, she had to take a good look at the controller to see which one it actually was.
I tried to advise her and sound as less condescending as possible even though I secretly really wanted to see her freak out when she meats the Asylum Demon. When she did, she unsurprisingly panicked and died but what I didn't expect was her to keep playing the game after this part. So I kept providing advices all along the asylum, explaining her how to equip items, defend herself with her shield and lock ennemies.
Time for her to meat the demon again. She took the bad habit of stationarily waiting behind her shield for ennemies to hit her before attacking so she had a pretty hard time with the demon and had to revive a few times but she finally managed to beat him.
After that she needed to take a break because her hands were shaking.

The next day I thought it was sad that she had to play DS1 when I had DS3 with its current gen textures and buttery smooth controls on my computer. So, again, here she goes, starting the tutorial which proved itself useful since she didn't remember any of the controls. I guide her, showing her the hidden items scattered here and there and before long she arrives at Gundyr's arena. Still very fearful, it took her about one full minute to go in front of Gundyr and remove the coiled sword from his body. The fight begins and she manages to land a few good hits before she gets hit herself and realizes how much life she just lost. She drops him half health and, as he transforms and initiate his large right swing, she admirably just walks away on his left allowing her to hit him a few more times. The fight continues and she's down to her last Estus flask. As she drinks it, Gundyr jumps and lands on her. I thought she was dead, as her life bar appeared empty, but she still had a few HP.
My jaw dropped when she delivered the last blow, a fraction of a second before the boss finishes her.

I was far from thinking she'd be able to beat him… but to do so on her first attempt ?!?

She took a liking to the game kept playing the first one on my laptop and up till now she cried when losing 9k souls on the Taurus Demon, managed to beat him and felt this gloriously pleasant feeling you get after overcoming a real challenge in a video game, met the jolly cooperation ambassador Solaire of Astora and is now trying to find her way to the Bell Gargoyles with the Drake Sword I told her how to get.

I really wanted to share this story with you because the whole Gundyr fight really struck me. I also didn't expect her to even like the game or to keep playing it on her own.

Thanks for your reading.

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