My List of the Ultimate Shredding Spots

So, I’ve seen many posts talking about spots to shield surf, and, being that I’m endgame to the max, I thought I’d make a guide on some of the gnarliest spots I’ve found. I’ll update it constantly, and post any rad spots you’ve found in the comments and I’ll try to add them. Hope you guys enjoy shredding!

Green Circle Trails:

  • Good ol’ Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, this path is a good path for beginners and provides some really nice turns without being too long. 
  • This simple route is slower and has a really nice turn near the beginning, a little longer too. Plus it’s very scenic, i love Zora’s Domain. 

Blue Square Trails:

  • This one takes some effort to get to, and it starts off slow, but the parts where you have to parachute and the sandy ending make it pretty okay.
  • This one is another route in Zora’s Domain, and it’s actually pretty dang hard to maneuver with the surplus of rocks down the path, but if you can pull it off it’s great, kinda short though. 

Black Diamond Trails:

  • Back to the Hateno Tech Lab, and this time you want to take a left. This is much higher up, not because of difficulty but because of length. Make sure you have a very sturdy shield. The payoff is immense though. 

Double Black Diamond Trails:

  • This one is absolutely amazing. This trail is absolute shred heaven. Though you need to be very prepared for it. Not only is it located in a harder part of the map, this is the longest shred ever, you might need multiple shields. It may be quite the trek, but it’s worth it. Especially when you get halfways down and it goes Indiana Jones on you. ( You’ll know what I mean.) 

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