My issue’s with this game

I know what your thinking, another post from some random player complaining but I will attempt to make this short and avoid ripping the game the best I can.

First of all finding a steady high pop official server should be easy, I want a toxic server filled with people, why is there like 300 servers? The server I am on is dieing and this will make it the third server I have joined that has died off. The grind to 50 is long and no one I play with wants to even think about starting again, most have just moved on. Don't even suggest we try another private, sry.

Second, Gods… The pvp in this game is already kind of wack and atm not at all skill based, but at this point everyone is walking around watching everything they do as you can loose everything in a matter of seconds. I was Godded TWICE only 2 days after the wipe for allegedly messing with someone weeks prior, tbh I think the person was just bored as I have no clue who they were. Answer to this, You want a God, you go back to LEVEL 0. Hell make the coin stay in the inventory even after death and give the player god mode when summoning, I can make that players life hell while he attempts to level back up.

Third and this is kind of unrelated but WHY would you put in known issue's "Dupe Exploit?" I had no idea this was a thing but thanks to you I do now. If another dupe goes public you can expect another massive hit to the player base which is already extremely low even for EA. If you know about a dupe, work the the weekend or at least keep quiet about that one.

I would also like to make some positive comments. This game is awesome minus the few issue's I pointed out above. The treb, dye's and new weapons are sick so great job there! Keep the content rolling! Work on the combat a bit and maybe we can even start seeing some players excel and we can see some highlights or something to grab you some free publicity.

Those are my only issues. I can deal with bugs like my spawn being blocked and returning to the desert "Which annoys me to no end" but my main issue is how easy it is to God someone. I like the "nuke" concept but it ruins the way people play and has probably caused more people to quit then join.


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