My Issues With The Current State of the Game

I just wanted to make one big list of the issues I have with the beta in it's current state, I'm sure many of these are going to be changed down the pipeline but anyway.

Loot: Far too many times, you spawn in a smaller village area with a few houses. You end up without a gun, dying to the lucky soul who landed in the same area and happened to find a pistol. I think guns (pistols at least) need to spawn in every house, so that you avoid the situation described above which occurs too often. Maybe tone down the amount of attachments and increase the number of pistols spawning within buildings.

Zones: I'm not sure if the zone spawning is entirely random but here's a few glaring issues with the safe zones.

1. The Initial Safe Zone

  • Sometimes the first zone spawns around just the military base at the bottom of the map. Which means half the zone is just in water and everyone on the map must find a car or die to the gas.
  • The gas moves way too fast in the first zone. It leaves people who spawn away from the first zone spawn to either make the trek to the zone with very little loot, or risk having to find a car to survive.

2. Other Safe Zone Issues

  • Sometimes the second zone spawns on the far side of the first zone. This forces people who have just barely made it into the first zone to continue running for ages or risk dying.
  • The gas/electricity does too much damage in the last few zones. I've lost a 1v1 at the end of the game because I was 10 feet outside the final zone and the gas killed me in 6 ticks.

3. The Bombing Zone

  • The bombing zone can spawn just outside a safe zone, so anyone running for the safe zone from that direction is basically SOL
  • My thinking is that the bombing zone should be restricted to the central area of the safe zones to prevent people from holing up in the middle and waiting out the game.

The gist of these issues basically boils down to unfair RNG in the zone spawning that leaves someone who has otherwise played the game flawlessly SOL. I understand that RNG is meant to be a factor in the game otherwise, everyone would spawn with the same weapons in hand and just go at it. The map should not be an RNG factor as it has no counterplay.

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