My impressions (from a souls fan)

The game barely reminds me of dark souls.. its more like a monster hunter/diablo hybrid with a small tinge of souls flavor.

The difficulty of this game seems to be fairly easy compared to a souls game except for when it comes to bosses.

Bosses are definitely influenced by souls games and the difficulty and creativity of each boss fight is really the only key thing that shouts dark souls.

The entire quest system I found refreshing in the way that you dont have to backtrack to go to earlier places and the grinding for loot system I must say is basically perfect. I can also see them issuing out sub missions in patches at will as they require next to no work.. just different rewards and a new remix.

Endless loot constantly in your inventory and dropping! The blacksmith system is amazing compared to any other game I have ever played.

Really fleshed out with so many options.. you can craft/modify and change cosmetics probably forever.

The only thing that drops this game down in points is lack of PVP/Invading and the summon system could do with some minor touch ups.

I wouldnt drop points for this but I would like to see the character open up different skill abilities (more weapon build options) cause once you have leveled up a little on your specific class your pretty much maxed out..

Unless your a hybrid character.. if your a hybrid character you would probably be happy with the choices as magic/ninjitsu has alot of stuff to get!

Probably the best game on PS4 that isnt made by from software.

And after seeing this game I will be following the company who made it.. If they continue on NIOH its definetly going to be a house hold name worldwide very quickly.

If you need a number on it.. id say 9/10

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