My hopes for Daybreak

Fighting through the 390 NF, I place my perfectly aimed Nighthawk-Goldengun shot square between those nightmarish eyes of Omnigul and watching her body explode with a shrieking orgasm of pain and defeat. A calm settles over the fire team as we collect orbs and ammo. But something is amiss – where's the game completion countdown and my rewards? WHERE THE FUCK IS THE REWARD CHEST so I can try for the millionth time of earning that God Roll pulse rifle I've heard rumors of? Why isn't this over?

We check the nearby doors and crevices in the room for a hidden path – nothing. Something, anything that's different. Did the game glitch perhaps? Suddenly, my Ghost notices a target icon appear near the entryway shutters we just came through… and a heavy ammunition chest appears? Well that's odd.

We walk further in to investigate, turn the corner, and next thing I know I'm looking down a wrecked pathway once filled with Hive corpse shells and see four yellow bar Fallen Captains sprinting towards me. Two more a hurling flaming cannon slugs as backup. Sixteen individual Arc-enraged swords, and a shit-ton of HP rushing towards me to claim my light.

I consider my options. Should I A) GTFO? B) just Gjallahorn the fuck out of these guys? Or C) use my sudden recharge of maximum light I see hovering at the bottom of my screen? Wait? Why I do I have a full super already??? Then I hear a voice. Not from my Ghost, and not from my Fireteam who are just as dumbstruck as I.


My team hits them with everything we have. Void bombs are flying through the air! Flaming Hammers are disintegrating their targets with each deafening explosion. My Goldengun shot vaporizes one Captain. It's fast. It's furious. And then there's a brief moment of silence. But only so brief.

There must be 150, no 250 of them! A whole fleet of Dregs and Stealth Vandals are charging after their fallen (hehe) leaders. The room is filled with return fire, lobbed arc grenades. My fireteam responds in kindly with an outstanding amount of quickly recharging supers being hurled until the peace settles once more.

After a solid 5 minutes of what seems like an unending wave of opponents and emptying nearly every spare bullet we have in our inventory, we continue down the path collecting ammunition piled like a treasure until we are free of the Sparrow-lock. We look outside. The sun is shining bright, ever so bright. But we only have a moments worth of peace because far down the roadway are four Devil Walkers, a dozen Servitors, and four Fallen dropships continually focusing their efforts to reap what rewards they can sew from our exhausted bodies.

We have the high ground. And reinforcements of our own too, it seems. We're back in the social place and being joined by other 3-man fireteams that are roaming the Cosmodrome has joined in on the activity. There's a counter in the lower right corner of my screen reads "10,000 Kills Until Completion".

It's utter chaos. It's like a FIREFIGHT, only ten times worse.

Daybreak has come, AND WE ALL shall consume our foes in light until this mission is complete.

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