My grandfathers opinion on For Honor

Over the weekend, my grandfather came to visit, (old guy is still kicking, somehow, with all his swears, immature humour and knowledge intact) and I showed him For Honor. This is a game he's been excited for, as he LOVE medieval weapons, armour, history etc, so this game has been one he's been keeping an eye on. Every time I saw him he would ask, "is that Knight game out yet?" (He's Maltese, so Knights, crusaders etc are pretty special to him, deus vult)

The first thing I did was show him the classes (Knights only, as they're the only ones I've upgraded at all to Rep 1, sorry, Vikings and Samurai) and basically broke them down for him. His comments on each were more or less that he thought the Warden and Conquerer made the most sense, though he did think the Warden should have a shield for defence, the Lawbringer was more ceremonial instead of frontline combat (he called his helmet "stupid as hell" as he was adamant it impaired vision negatively), he thought the Peacekeeper needed more armour around the chest and a shoulder pauldron, and that she should lose the hood, or, as he said ("might as well be naked for all the good that cloak does her.") He did like how she used a dagger and sword, and not two swords. He didn't have much to say about the Conquerer, except that he was his favourite, as he had a flail, and shield, and thus, in my Grandfathers words, "the best suited out of them all"

When we got to combat, (I played a 4v4 dominion match for him) I played as my main, Lawbringer, and had the misfortune to be matched against a Warlord and Nobushi (there were two others, a Kensai I think, and a Peacekeeper). I mentioned the Nobushi had a spear (I know it isn't a spear, I said that for simplicity's sake) and the Warlord a shield and sword, and asked how he thought those two would fight, and how I should counter them.

(His answers were based on realistic conditions, not fighting games)

He replied that for the Warlord I should be defensive, feint his shield and attack where it wasn't and force him to attack, use the enviorment to restrict his movement then trip him up. (Again, realistic conditions)

For Nobushi he said, almost word for word "now with the spear, if he's any good, he'll try and keep his distance, prod you and poke you. Block him and get between the spearpoint and the man, then hit him, he won't be able to retaliate."

The Nobushi obviously played the stay back and poke game, and at the end of the match (we lost) I asked my grandfather if he thought that was a fair way to fight. He gave me the biggest "are you fucking stupid?" look I've ever seen him give me and basically deadpanned "it's not about being fair, it's about killing the other guy. He played to the strength of his weapon, and fought like he was supposed to, anyone with a spear or long weapon should fight like that." (He was constantly saying how the Lawbringer should have used the speartip more, and that always using the axe except to charge limited him immensely.)

At the end of the day, he told me he wanted to see more of the game, and, "I wanna see a better player than you play it, your shit."

GG, grandpa.

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