My Ghost Recon Closed Beta Feedback

The World

The world is impressive, there is no doubt about that. The visuals are amazing, as are the weather system even if the latter switches a bit too quick. I want to be able to see changes in the weather coming; maybe even hear forecasts on the radio. The world is also adequately populated but aside from the streets and the outposts, it feels dead and unreal. We are once sent into a ghost town but said Ghost town feels exactly like all the other villages. Simply put, the population of said villages needs to be increased and their population be seen working, having fun, sleeping and so on. Walking through a village and maybe see 5 civilians in a place where easily 30-40 people live is just silly.


I would also love for them to actually interact with the Ghosts in some way – like spies who call Unidad/Cartel if they show up (they are heavily armed after all), saying a nervous hello when they pass or things like that. They do not need to offer side missions or anything but they need to have a bigger impact. Right now they are quite literally only in the way. I would also like for the Rebels to have a bigger impact on the world and here you could steal an idea right out of Far Cry 4.


If you have enough Rebel Activity in a sector, you can get an extra assignment to secure an area for the Rebels. This starts up to be a small SB Outpost but can go up to be FB Armadillo. Once secured, the Rebels hold it and you can use vehicles and FT to there. Then Unidad / SB may send in forces to take it back. If Rebel Activity is high enough, they can repel this attack but if not they may need help. This means if you leave a sector without adequate Rebel Support for long, SB and Unidad may take the entire region back. Of course this also comes with the option to simply reset all enemy strongpoints.


This also gives you things to do once you completed the main campaign, especially with mop up operations and the like.


The Missions

The Story missions I have seen are good. Not great, not adequate, Good. Good means there is room for improvement but that I am satisfied with how things are. We get a decent buildup of the people we need to take out, we get a good view on why they need to die and a bit of their personality. The fact that the Kingslayer files give you more info is great as are the interviews on the radio with the SB Radio Host. The villains personalities are great and obviously had a lot of attention to detail. If the rest of the games villains are as interesting, I am going to have a great time. I also like the system that you need to find Intel but I am worried it may get stale after a while.



Helicopters are expensive. They should not be easy to find. They should NOT be present at a small outpost with just a couple of guys around them. Make them a bit more rare and more heavily guarded. Sometimes the pilots could be present and ready to fly away should the area come under attack. I also have some gripes with the controls of said helicopters that needs to be a bit more improved but that is not a big thing.


The Cars are my nemesis. I want to use them to go to places but they wont let me. They just slide everywhere and bump into things. I would chalk this down to my usual in-game driving if others not reported same problems. Also, dirtbikes seem to be indestructible.



Here you have done a rather good job despite the severe lack of AK5s in the game. Shame on you. The only thing I have to add is that I want to be able to not only pick up enemy weapons from the ground, I would like them to be saved and used (without weaponsmith customization) in the future. I would also like the ability to just use ONE Long Weapon. I do not wish to run around with a second one magically strapped to my backpack.


If you could also switch out the P416 to the HK 416 I would also be very happy but now we are nitpicking. You have done well with the weapons, without a doubt.


AI Teammates

They are dumb as bricks. Right now, my only use for them is to revive me if I die or shoot out of helicopters and that is about the only thing they can do well. I want more details on how to order them. I want to be able to order them to take up an overwatch position and support me from there with Sniper Rifles or Machineguns, I want to be able to order each Ghost into a particular spot and I want above else to be able to rely on them picking up at least some of the slack – even if I am going stealthy and silent.


In case you missed me saying this the first fifty times, I also would like to be able to change their weapons, clothing and gear the same way I do with my own character.


Other Things

  • Please add more camos for clothing options, esp other nations camos such as Russian, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Australian etc. Same goes with Flags. I know Credit is Failure but if we wear Bolivian, Russian or French Flag Patches then the credit is still not ours, is it? 😉

  • NVG should not be something that is just a filter on your screen. I want it to take a bit of time for NVG to be activated, I want to see my character activate a NVG that is on his helmet or a stand alone NVG Options.

  • Add who is talking in the subtitles. All we hear when they banter is voices talking but they sound so similar its difficult to differentiate between the different Ghosts. Right now, I am considering playing as a female Ghost for the sole reason to know when it is I who talk.

  • Let us choose away copyrighted music on the radio – or at least the ones that will get our videos flagged or monetized.

  • Ubi Brass really needs to let their CMs off the leash and allow them to answer direct questions about this game. There are some things out there that they need to be able to address, not vague statements about "Beta is not the finished product" and the like. Freedom of Movement also allows for more trust and is how Its_Epi became a cult symbol of the R6 Community.


I would sum up Ghost Recon Wildlands as a diamond in the rough based on my experience with the beta. I do not care for optimization and such; those are the things that are easy to fix in the long run. What worries me is "is this a game I want to play for a longer period of time". The game has potential to be a game that can be expanded upon, both in items, weapons, missions and so on beyond the final mission and I really hope this will be the case. Part of this will be listening to the community that has brought forth some really good feedback.

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