My gargantuan, spoiler-free review of the legend of zelda: Breath of the Wild

EDIT: To clarify, since I can't edit titles… any such spoilers are marked accordingly. And while it's impossible not to include ANY specific game content/information in a review, I have taken great care to minimize those instances.

Sorry to self-promote, but… in my 15 years of game journalism, I have yet to experience anything quite like this. So it's an exceptional circumstance! I humbly offer to you my longest and most exciting review to date.

Hope you guys enjoy it. It's so big I even included a companion article!

In addendum:

Video (some minor spoilers, location/equipment mostly): (spoilers also regarding wildlife and interactions with them)

2-hour Zelda Podcast (Flap Jaw Space) – Some NSFW language here:

(Direct audio link):

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