My first 24hrs of owning and 8hrs of playing review

So as you've heard, many of us received it early due to shipping times via online retailers. So I've played it for 8hrs already and let's kick off this 8hrs review.

I've seen some questions such as, if it has improved since open beta last week. Sadly, no. It feels like I'm playing an open map open beta build. The graphics are a little more polished. And yes, all regions in map are completely accessible right from the start. No you can't customize your squad. Please keep in mind that I don't have that 2.8gb day one update from Ubisoft. So, this is straight running from the disc installation on my Xbox One.

The weapons you want are easy to find once you've interrogated one or two lieutenants or found intel cache in the map. But this is where the issues begin. Keep in mind that you do have to build your skills from crap to polished and this creates a longer time spent on hunting down resources and looking for skill points and trying to level up. Although, I will admit that the most reasonable way of leveling up is to head into the more difficult regions first, as well as hitting the convoys and rebel supply raids in order to get your skills up to a reasonable enjoyable level.

AI teammates suck, I've issued "fire" orders more than once and still I am left to shooting the tangos down myself. This becomes frustrating and annoying since the enemy force knows where you're positioned and if they have artillery and snipers, it becomes even more annoying. Your character's damage intake isn't that high even after you've maxed that skill out. Helicopters become another annoying part of the game. They handle like crap and they are harder to take down unless you have a GL as an under barrel attachment, with that being the case; you're more than likely going to be carrying that as an attachment to your assault rifle. As for air to air combat….yeah you're going to throw your controller or keyboard across the room before you get the handling down.

The story line is interesting, because every member you take down, you get to learn a little bit about them. I have to say…el pozolero has a weird mindset and ideology. Unidad is a pestilence and the rebels get better and better in terms of combat…cheaaaaa right.

Even if it's fun to play, I'd have to say this game was really not ready to see the day of light. Ubisoft could've done a lot better. To put it in the perspective I see it, this game is like a stock Toyota GT86 with a rocket bunny kit. It looks aggressive, but it's missing all the other components that would make that car so much more fun to drive and that would back up the aggressive look it bares.

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